Feed Nutrient Management Planning Economics


As of October 17, 2014 fnmp$.net is in beta testing mode as we complete the coding. Please send an e-mail to Joe Harrison at jhharrison@wsu.edu if you would like to serve as a beta-tester or want to know when the tool will be finalized.

fnmp$.net is a decision-aid software tool developed to connect feed decisions with crop nutrient management plans. FNMP$ stands for Feed Nutrient Management Planning economics. This tool estimates:

  1. manure volume and nutrient content
  2. land requirements for agronomic utilization of the manure
  3. labor and land application equipment time requirements and travel distance of manure hauling
  4. the costs associated with land application
  5. the potential nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient value of manure
  6. costs associated with feed changes

fnmp$.net has been developed over the last decade by a team including Rick Koelsch (Univ of Nebraska), Galen Erickson (Univ of Nebraska), Ray Massey (Univ of Missouri), Joe Harrison (Washington State University), Tamilee Nennich (Purdue University), Brian Richert (Purdue University), and Todd Applegate (Purdue University). In addition, the following graduate students provided contributions: Rebecca White, Aaron Jones, Andrea Watson, and Virgil Bremmer.


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